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SNOMNH Block Party - It’s Kind of a Big Deal

Last month, we announced that the Institute for Museums and Library Services named the Sam Noble Museum one of thirty National Medal finalists. For a quick refresher, check out our IMLS National Media Q&A. If we’re Facebook friends, then you’ve likely heard the big news – we have been officially chosen as one of ten winners! That means we are one of the five greatest museums in the country, out of 17,500. No big deal, but…


Ron Burgundy agrees, so it must be true.

Wait. It gets better. This morning at 10 a.m., museum director Michael Mares and former ExplorOlogy student Ernesto Vargas visited the White House – yes, the White House - to receive the National Medal from First Lady Michelle Obama on behalf of the museum. We broadcast the live stream of the ceremony on our website this morning, and there may have been a few teary eyes. Check out the photo below!

Starring: Ernesto Vargas, Michael Mares and First Lady Michelle Obama

As you can see, the National Media is a pretty big deal. Like, a huge deal – so huge, we’ve decided to throw the largest prehistoric party in the modern era! And, of course, you’re invited. Busy on June 1 from 1 to 5 p.m.? No? Good. Join us as we celebrate the amazing Oklahomans like you who made us the award-winning museum we are today.


We’re gonna’ party like it’s 3 million B.C.E.

On top of free admission, we’ve got cake, refreshments and great eats from your favorite food trucks. What more could you ask for? Wait, what’s that? Live music you say? Let’s not forget our amazing lineup of local melodies. Travis Linville, Tequila Songbirds, Sherree Chamberlain and Mike Hosty. These are the big leagues, folks. Could you possibly pack more talent onto a single stage? Hint: The answer is no.


 Such talent!

So bring your kids, neighbors, and friends – even your dog! Bring anyone and everyone. We’re the only institution in Oklahoma to receive this prestigious award, and we believe that’s something worth celebrating. There are just 24 days until June 1, and this party’s going to be cooler than the Ice Age. image

P.S. This is you outside the museum at our block party.

Will you join the celebration?