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PaleoSooners 101


Sooner spirit is in the air, and we’ve caught the fever. Over the past three weeks, the Sam Noble Museum’s trusty sidekick, Spike, has been attending the University of Oklahoma’s Camp Crimson to greet the eager faces of the incoming freshmen class. He had a lot to say about the PaleoSooners. Oh, you couldn’t make it? Put your listening ears on, because here’s a quick rundown of everything you need to know.

Wait, what is Camp Crimson anyways?

Let’s back up for a second. Camp Crimson is the University of Oklahoma’s orientation camp, designed specifically for incoming students. Over the course of three jam-packed days, these future sooners will discover OU history, build tight-knit relationships, develop faculty contacts and experience all of the wonderful opportunities the university has to offer.

Okay, and now what’s this PaleoSooners thing?

Speaking of these wonderful opportunities, have you heard about PaleoSooners? PaleoSooners is the museum’s student-led organization, created for sooners by sooners. Students involved with PaleoSooners attend monthly meetings, featuring natural history themes and speakers. They also generate new and creative ideas for reaching their fellow classmates.

Why be a PaleoSooner in the first place?

What are the perks of being a PaleoSooner, you ask? Let me tell you. PaleoSooners get the opportunity to volunteer alongside our prestigious faculty, in addition to attending our special events. PaleoSooners also receive a twenty percent discount at the Excavations Museum Store. That’s right! But wait. We saved the best for last. PaleoSooners also receive a free T-shirt, and, honestly, who doesn’t love a free T-shirt?

I’m sold. How do I register?

To sign up, check us out at the South Oval’s Howdy Week Fair on August 21, or check our volunteerism page in about a week or two. We’re putting the finishing touches on our latest web makeover! We’ll be up and running soon, though.

While we certainly hope to see these eager freshmen join the PaleoSooners ranks, the number one goal of Camp Crimson was to remind the campers that the museum is always free for students. How great is that? So all in all, Camp Crimson was a huge hit. The students loved it, Spike loved it and we even snagged a few tweet-worthy pictures with our newest friends. Don’t worry. It’s not goodbye, just a “see you later” until our first PaleoSooners meeting!