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From Science Education to Science Fiction

Whether racing for Team USA or scripting an award-winning screenplay, our faculty and staff has a history of making news outside of their work at the museum. Seriously, they do it all - and museum director Michael Mares wants to highlight those achievements! So when staff writer Laura (L. A.) Wilcox debuted her first novel, we knew it would be a hit. Like a hashtag creating, call your mom, blog-worthy kind of hit.


Naturally, we were right. On April 1, Renegade hit virtual stands around the world. What’s it about? We thought you’d never ask. Renegade is about a time traveler named Andrew Simmons who seems to do all the right things at exactly the wrong time. In Andrew’s world, there are just three rules to being a traveler.

1. Do not, under any circumstance, interfere with your environment during travel.

2. Do not carry other persons or large articles during travel.

3. Always keep your talisman on your person at all times.

But when Andrew loses his talisman in pre-revolutionary Boston, he must race against the clock to retrieve his only way home. Everything is on the line – family, love, freedom, honor and quite possibly the future. But as time reveals a long line of dark secrets, Andrew realizes he must save more than just his skin. He must also save his kind.

Catchy, right? Even the president thinks so.


We’re proud of our staff’s accomplishments, but we’re not the only ones! So far, local press and a handful of booky bloggers have reviewed Wilcox’s novel. Read the reviews and author page at Goodreads to see what others are saying.

Now, you’re probably wondering where you can get your copy.


Renegade is available on Kindle and Nook for $3.99, and in paperback for $9.99, so you’re really just a click away. Lucky you! Question: are you a social media socialite? You are?! Join the conversation on Renegade’s social sites for Facebook and Twitter.

 From science education to science fiction, we’ve got you covered.